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With over 8 years of experience in media relations, Matias Rodsevich is a PR expert in Amsterdam offering high quality consulting to improve your public relations services.
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Matias has +8 years of vast PR & Marketing experience in B2B, B2C, technology and product communications across corporate, startup and agency environments. He is specialized in B2B & B2C Tech PR & Marketing. He has  worked for renowned international Tech clients such as IBM and Google Argentina, as well as +35 scale ups such Impraise, 3D Hubs, Recruitee and unicorns such as Chargebee as well as venture capital firms.. He’s the CEO & Founder of PRLab, one of the top 10 PR Agencies of Western Europe  known for its innovative and growth-driven approach applied to PR. He’s also the author of The PR Paradox, the first book about mastering the art of PR as a startup. Lastly, Matias is also the founder of the PRLab community, the first community of its kind with over +1300 PR and Marketing professionals as members that get together to discuss innovation in PR on a monthly basis.


Matias Rodsevich is a PR expert with proven experience across corporate, agency and startup sectors. He has helped over 35 organizations to boost their visibility across target audiences in different countries. He’s also the writer of the PR Paradox, a book for startups and scaleups willing to create impactful PR strategies that drive business growth.

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Business Coach for early stage entrepreneurs

Matias is the founder of PRLab,a PR firm that, in the record time of 2 years, became one of the top PR agencies in Western Europe. He’s an entrepreneur at heart, being also the founder of the first community of Marcom professionals in The Netherlands and the author of The PR paradox. Besides growing PRLab at a 200% annual rate, he’s now helping fellow entrepreneurs to get started and scale their businesses.

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by Matias Rodsevich
"A must read for startup and scaleups that wants to grab the attention of the media and become their own PR-powerhouse"
Remy Gieling
Editor in Chief, Sprout
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A hands-on speaker finding the perfect mix between education and inspiration

Matias is not a traditional keynote speaker. His sessions are highly interactive, educational and inspirational, one in one place. What motivates him to speak is sharing knowledge openly. Tired of attending sessions of inspirational speakers and feeling like nothing tangible has been learnt, he decided to kick off a series of workshops and sessions with the main purpose of learning. His evidence-based talks on PR, Innovation, leadership, confidence delight and uplift audiences. Matias speakers generally about marketing, PR, Communications, Employer Branding, Entrepreneuring, Building Habits among other topics related to entrepreneurs that want to learn about building visibility and building a sustainable, healthy business
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    Steffen Maier, Co-Founder of Impraise

    "Matias is an exceptional professional. He is honest, reliable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, Matias is someone who gets to good results quickly and is always committed to go the extra mile. What I value most is his great eagerness to move the whole team or even the whole company forward continuously. Matias has achieved tremendous success with his PR and communications initiatives, which resulted in more business opportunities and more closed deals. Without any doubt, I confidently recommend Matias to any innovative, fast-paced marketing/communications team. As a dedicated and knowledgeable employee and an all-around great person, I know that he will be a beneficial addition to any organization. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me for further references."

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    PR Consultant & Business Coach
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