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With more than ten years of experience within Media and PR
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All round PR services

Which public relations services can benefit your company and get you started

PR Audit

It's important to regularly assess your relationship with all key stakeholders and your messaging and determine your current market standing. This guides your next step as a business.

PR Training

I provide comprehensive services in various areas of media and communication, including training, crisis management, and storytelling to craft compelling narratives.

PR Consult

From writing press releases, organizing events, handling media inquiries, and more, we are a full-service PR consultancy covering all areas of the public relations spectrum

The PR Paradox

The PR Paradox is filled with valuable, engaging material designed specifically for startups and scale-ups, written from insights gained from working in large tech companies and creating an agency
Read this if you are a startup or scale-up looking to make your mark in a crowded market
A hands-on guide to effective PR and how to give your business a boost
Proven growth techniques at your fingertips
Lessons and real-life examples for those just starting the PR journey
by GoodReads
Cover of the PR paradox, book written by Matias Rodsevich
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Steffen Maier
Co-Founder of Impraise
Matias is an exceptional professional

The benefits of my PR services

There are many advantages and reasons for doing PR. Here are just a handful of the most important:

Brand Awareness

PR can promote a brand or company, attracting more media attention and coverage. This exposure can garner a favorable public perception.

Third-party endorsement

When third parties speak positively about a brand, they effectively endorse its expertise and leadership, positively impacting its reputation and credibility.

Attract investors

Effective media placement and timing can bring your business opportunities to the attention of venture capitalists or equity investors.

Lead generation

By establishing your company’s credibility and reputation, PR can enhance your market position by attracting new and qualified leads.

My locations

I am an international PR Consultant spread across three countries in three major European cities

PR Consultant in London

I offer a wide range of comprehensive public relations services in London across different sectors.

PR Consultant in Rotterdam

I offer a wide range of comprehensive public relations services in Rotterdam across different sectors.

PR Consultant in Amsterdam

I offer a wide range of comprehensive public relations services in Amsterdam across different sectors.

Check out the latest articles

Check my blog for in-depth articles on specific subjects, PR guides, and more

Chatgpt PR: ChatGPT and the Art of Crisis Communications in PR

From crisis communications to customer engagement, ChatGPT is redefining how PR is done. Find out how to use it to your advantage.
May 16, 2023

Why choose my PR consulting services?

Specializing in Tech and startups, I offer a modern approach to PR that makes an impact

Tech specialist

My main focus is on Tech, and I have a wide range of clients in various tech sectors. You’ll see a range of well-known and established tech companies in my client portfolio. Why not join them?

Startup and scaleup expert

With my expertise and experience in the field, I can help you effectively communicate your message, build your brand, and generate awareness for your business.

PR the modern way

To ensure your brand receives regular coverage at tier-1 outlets, I have developed our own proactive method to create the news for you and NOT the other way around.


I sit down with you to really understand what your company wants and needs, then create a detailed, tailored PR strategy that targets your ideal audience in a way that's specific to that community. 


See how my PR model has benefitted other businesses
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Niels Floors

Head of Partnerships & Sales, Channel Engine
"We were very impressed with how quickly PRLab moved to secure coverage in multiple different markets. They really went the extra mile to deliver results, delivering content beyond our brief to make gains for us in key markets."
Recruitee logo

Monica Ciovică

Community Marketer, Recruitee
"I really appreciated that throughout our collaboration, the PRLab team really felt like part of our own team. That is not something common when working with external agencies. They were always available for us, friendly and professional."
NuPay Technologies logo

Joshua Bell

SVP of Marketing, NuPay Technologies
"We received over 50 featured articles and publications in the press. PRLab helped raise awareness for our project and provided many high-quality backlinks. PRLab also acquired multiple comment slots for our CEO and CTO."

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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These are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

What is a PR consultant?

A PR consultant is an individual who provides expert advice on the development and execution of your public relations strategy, campaign, or department. The role of a PR consultant is to help you to build the relationship between your organization and its audience. By helping you develop a strategy that effectively utilizes the tools of PR, a PR consultant can help you build the awareness and authority of your brand.

As a startup or small business owner, it can be challenging finding new customers and clients when people are naturally drawn towards businesses with proven reputations. Working with a PR consultant means you can begin to take the steps to establish this reputation for yourself.

This is because a PR consultant can effectively develop a strategy that will increase your visibility. By managing and leveraging your communications, a PR consultant can help you to increase the trust between you and your customers. Establishing credibility with PR can directly increase your sales.

What does a PR consultant do?

A PR consultant provides analysis, insight and recommendations for action for successfully developing and executing a PR strategy. Using their expertise in the realm of public relations, a PR consultant troubleshoots problems you may have with your PR strategy, or may help you develop one from scratch.

Why should I hire a PR consultant for my startup?

If you own a startup there are many reasons you should consider working with a PR consultant. As a startup there are actually unique advantages that you have over big companies. As a small team you can move much faster to the news cycle, with less red tape and hierarchical structure to go through. A PR consultant can also help you to capitalize on your small budget and team. Not only do limitations encourage creativity, but you have far more freedom to experiment with new ideas that big companies don’t.

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