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Managing the public image of your brand can be difficult if you have to focus on developing your product or service. Yet a PR strategy is essential to increase your brand awareness, authority and ultimately to nurture your audience. Matias Rodsevich is CEO of PRLab, one of the fastest growing PR agencies in the Netherlands, and his consulting services can help you plan and execute a successful PR strategy.

What is A PR consultant?

A PR consultant is an individual who provides expert advice on the development and execution of your public relations strategy, campaign, or department. The role of a PR consultant is to help you to build the relationship between your organization and its audience. By helping you develop a strategy that effectively utilizes the tools of PR, a PR consultant can help you build the awareness and authority of your brand.

As a startup or small business owner, it can be challenging finding new customers and clients when people are naturally drawn towards businesses with proven reputations. Working with a PR consultant means you can begin to take the steps to establish this reputation for yourself.

This is because a PR consultant can effectively develop a strategy that will increase your visibility. By managing and leveraging your communications, a PR consultant can help you to increase the trust between you and your customers. Establishing credibility with PR can directly increase your sales.

Why do you need PR consulting?

PR is just as important for startups and new businesses as it is for big companies. It is a misconception that PR is only for maintaining well established brands, as an integrated PR strategy will help you plan your content, differentiate you from your competitors, and optimize your communications to best reach your audience.

In addition to having knowledge about what PR strategies will and won’t work for your business, they can bring a lot of other beneficial expertise to the table. If you’re an early stage startup, a PR consultant can advise you on the fund raising process, devising a strategy both for finding funding, as well as getting coverage in the media.

PR consultants often work on specific areas, and one of these could be crisis management. They can ensure you are prepared for a crisis, and help you protect your reputation should you find yourself in one.

As PR has become so integrated into marketing and branding, a PR consultant can help you with general business skills, helping you develop your marketing techniques and implement effective business models that are suited to your position and industry. They can provide media training, teaching you the tools and skills necessary for public speaking and getting the most out of your media interactions.

Working with Matias

Matias has over 8 years of experience in PR and marketing for a diverse range of clients ranging from startups to corporations. After working for renowned tech giants Google and IBM, he founded PRLab, a PR agency renowned for its innovative and growth-driven approach.

For two years PRLab has been experiencing incredible growth, growing 25% every quarter. This proven business growth is powered by the successful PR campaigns they execute for their clients, their growth-driven approach securing top tier media coverage across international markets in Europe, Australia and both North and South America.

The clients Matias has worked with are highly varied, a testament to his attention given to each unique business he works with. Whether it’s companies in FinTech, MedTech, startups or corporations, Matias adapts his PR strategy accordingly to secure results for each client and their niche.

In 2020, in order to help shed clarity into the world of PR, he published his book The PR Paradox. As an actionable guide, The PR Paradox explains how to do PR, and why it is an important strategy for businesses new and old. Matias is now offering consulting services to continue to help people increase their brand visibility and achieve their business goals.


Aligning on business goals

Having worked with many different startups, Matias knows that every business is unique in its values, goals and operations. Understanding these concepts is key to develop an effective PR strategy that will work for you. Together with Matias you will discuss your business to align on the goals you want to achieve using the tools of public relations.

developing a PR strategy

Having discussed your goals, Matias will help you develop a PR strategy that outlines key objectives and the actions necessary to achieve them. This could include thought leadership pieces, media coverage of news stories, creating and leveraging industry research and reports, as well as ideas for content marketing and potentially SEO strategy.

Consulting sessions

Once you have developed a strategy, Matias will check in with you regularly to ensure that you are on track to meeting your objectives. This is because although a consultant can help advise and instruct you, it is your responsibility to enact the strategy in your business.

Evaluation & Feedback

Once the agreed time frame for the consultation has passed, you and Matias will reflect on the progress made, whether the objectives were met, and the effectiveness of both the strategy and the consulting. PR is a long term strategy, so requires continuous monitoring of the necessary metrics. This is also something that Matias can provide you with.

Frequent Questions

What does a PR consultant do?

A PR consultant provides analysis, insight and recommendations for action for successfully developing and executing a PR strategy. Using their expertise in the realm of public relations, a PR consultant troubleshoots problems you may have with your PR strategy, or may help you develop one from scratch.

Why should I hire a PR consultant for my startup?

If you own a startup there are many reasons you should consider working with a PR consultant. As a startup there are actually unique advantages that you have over big companies. As a small team you can move much faster to the news cycle, with less red tape and hierarchical structure to go through. A PR consultant can also help you to capitalize on your small budget and team. Not only do limitations encourage creativity, but you have far more freedom to experiment with new ideas that big companies don’t.

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